Chinese Grand Prix

Shanghai, China


Race date: 12-14 April
First Grand Prix: 2004
Number of laps: 56
Circuit length: 5.451km (3.387 miles)
Race distance: 305.06km (189.56 miles)
Top speed: 317kph
Lap record: 1:32.238 - Michael Schumacher
Ferrari (2004)
Bumpiness: Low
Overtaking chance: Low
Kerbs: Smooth
Engine severity: Medium
Lat/long grip: Lateral
Aero efficiency: Medium
Grip evolution: Medium/High
Aero setting: High
Brake wear severity: Low
Brake cooling necessity: Medium
Safety car history: 2012, none; 2011, none;
2010, 2 (laps 1-3 & 22-25)


Charles Pic
French / Français
Giedo van der Garde
Dutch / Nederlands

Technical Director Mark Smith talks F1 brakes

Just before the team sets off for a double header we compare the dramatic difference in braking for two very similar circuits.

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Chinese Grand Prix

Shanghai, China